3 Easy Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

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Most of the people come across tooth problems every day. These problems can attack individual of any age be it a child, an adult or an old age individual. Most common question among people related to these tooth problems is that why they become prone to tooth infection in spite of continuous brushing? It is so because brushing only is not sufficient. Actually keeping your teeth healthy is not at all a difficult task. Just a little effort and regular care is essential for it. This article will give you 3 tips following which you can keep your mouth and teeth healthy and have a cute smile always.

Before knowing all these tips you should know one thing. Our mouth and teeth are most susceptible to infection after every meal. This is because bacteria in cavities get activated and attack food particles. When the food particles contain sugar they become activated and undergo chemical reaction. Acid is formed as a result of this reaction and deposits plaque on teeth. Extra care should be taken after every meal. So here the tips for this extra care-

1.The first tip - You should brush your teeth after every meal. Most of us don't do it. Here brushing not only means waving brush over teeth, brushing means cleaning each tooth with minimum of 10 waves so that every particle and deposition is removed. This will hardly take few minutes of your day. I think this is not too much to keep your teeth in a good condition.

2.Brushing itself cannot serve the whole purpose. Therefore second tip is to floss after brush. A toothbrush, expensive and branded it is, only cleans tooth from surface. Flossing is important to remove food particles in between the teeth which are missed by your toothbrush. Dentists also recommend flossing very essential as brushing alone is insufficient.

3.The third and the last tip would be difficult for the sugar addicts as it ask us to reduce the sugar content from our diet. Especially if we reduce refined sugar use it would be good for our teeth health. Sugar is the substance which is mainly attacked by the bacteria so reducing sugar means less invading bacterial reaction which means lesser plaque deposition.

Our teeth get decayed because our toothpaste does not kill germs and harmful microbes in our mouth. It just washes teeth from surface. Herbal toothpastes are a better substitute to the traditional ones. One of the herbal toothpaste named yunadent herbal toothpaste provides you complete protection against harmful germs. It is 100% natural containing herbs, mints and other natural chemicals which keep your mouth fresh and clean. There are no side effects of this toothpaste. You can get more details of it from its website http://www.yunadent.com. I have personally used this and observed remarkable changes in my teeth health.
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3 Easy Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

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This article was published on 2011/09/22