Causes and cure for discolored teeth

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Smile creates a huge impact on you and it changes your whole perspective. However, smiling is not that much easy for people having yellow teeth. Most of the common people who have yellow teeth will not smile often due to embarrassment or self-conscious feeling. There are various causes behind the discoloration of teeth. Some conditions can be whitened, whereas some cannot. Knowing the cause of yellow teeth is the key towards finding a solution to this problem.

Yellow teeth causes

1. Translucent Enamel
One of the main causes of yellow teeth is having thin, translucent enamel. The outlying layer of our teeth is made of white enamel. The layer underneath the enamel is known as the dentin, which is yellow in color. Thus, if the enamel in your teeth is thin due to teeth wear then the dentin will become visible. Normal teeth whitening methods will not be effective in this condition, because the dentin layer will be visible at all times. Translucent enamel is basically due to the genetic makeup of the individual and it does not mean any damage in the teeth.
2. Aging
Our teeth will become weak due to its everyday use as we grew older. It does not matter how you manage the teeth because over age the hard enamel of your teeth will dwindle down. Due to this the colorings of the drinks and the foods you devour will be taken up which results in stains. This is decisively inevitable, on the other hand if you are careful about the dental health and the consumption of the stain-causing substances, you can protect the whiteness of the teeth for a longer period.
3. Poor Consumption Habits or Poor Oral Hygiene
Yellow teeth can also be found due to the lack of oral hygiene . When the lack of hygiene is combined with the intake of tobacco, colored foods acidic or colored drinks and cigarettes that are not cleared well from the teeth can also cause discolored teeth.On the other hand, It does not mean that people having stained teeth are lacking oral hygiene. If there is an insufficiency in the oral hygiene it should be reformed without delay for it might result in discolored or yellow teeth, brown teeth or teeth stain.

Yellow teeth cure

1. Following Good Habits Everyday
The character of your teeth can be changed by following some self-explanatory daily routines. The daily routine should include flossing and brushing twice a day, and brushing your teeth after consuming any stain-causing foods.
2. Easy to Use Whitening Products
While working towards teeth whitening you should have some whitening products like whitening gum, whitening toothpastes, and whitening mouthwashes in your daily schedule. Furthermore, you can also use whitening strips that are available in many of the stores. Use these whitening strips along with other products. However, these products will not work on people having yellow teeth with thin enamel.
3. Professional Methods
If the at-home products are not effective in whitening your teeth, you can opt for the professional methods. In order to overcome the discolorations many dentists are providing tooth bleaching treatments. However these methods will not completely whiten the yellow teeth having translucent enamel. In this case, dentin’s yellowish layer will be visible at all times. Cosmetic procedures such as dental veneers are the best solution for people, on whom the whitening treatment is unproductive.

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Causes and cure for discolored teeth

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This article was published on 2010/10/18