Causes of Teeth Discolouration

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If you know what causes teeth discolouration you can take action to bring back a beaming white confident smile.

Common causes:

  1. Coffee, Tea, Sugary Drinks, Wine and certain Fruits and Veg can give your teeth a stained look because they discolour the enamel of your teeth.  Food and Drink that are high in sugar or acidity can remove the enamel from your teeth and give a discoloured look.
  2. Nicotine is a big teeth stainer and even regularly brushing your teeth will fail to prevent this type of stain.
  3. Speaking of brushing, failure to floss, brush and rise will cause a buildup of stains and even food particles to block out the natural whiteness of your teeth.
  4. Diseases can affect your enamel and dentin (the part of the tooth under the enamel) causing discolouration. There are treatments for disease that are known to cause teeth discolouration, particularly those that use radiation.
  5. Medications (such as antibiotics) containing certain chemicals can discolour teeth during child development.  Anything form mouthwashes to antipsychotics can also cause teeth discolouration.
  6. Dentist materials containing silver-sulphide have been found to give your teeth a grey/black colour.
  7. With age the outer layer of enamel on your teeth wears away, revealing the naturally yellow dentin underneath.
  8. High levels of fluoride in your environment, such as your water supply or overuse of certain mouthwash or toothpaste can actually discolour your teeth.

How can I protect my teeth?

As well as cutting out the bad (Coffee, Wine, Smoking) there are ways to improve the whiteness of your teeth.

One way is to ask the dentist for advice and ask them to use the techniques and technology they have to help the health of your teeth.  This can be costly with a polish at the dentist around £45 a session, usually twice a year.

Another option is a teeth whitening kit available online or at your local chemist.  These kits often come with a safe tested tooth whitening solution that is usually applied using a mouth guard.  These kits cost less than £40 and usually last for around 200 uses.  The upper market kits will contain a blue light laser that will speed up the whole teeth whitening process.

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I had discoloured teeth and a bad smile but with a liitle time and research and the right teeth whitening kit I now have a white smile to be proud of.

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Causes of Teeth Discolouration

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This article was published on 2011/01/11