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Not only to restore tooth function, have porcelain teeth, and the role of beauty become the first choice for people to treatment and beauty teeth. But a lot of friends in attendance, in the face of a large number of porcelain teeth materials do not know how to choose? Oral professional doctors must carefully personalized design and precision based on each person's facial features, lips, teeth shape, gender, age, occupation, size measurement, good clinical preparation to specialist technician's precise porcelain teeth model. The same time, the appropriate choice of ceramic materials, to ensure that the shape of the porcelain teeth color to meet the aesthetic requirements parallel the center line of porcelain teeth to the midline, smile dental floss and under the lip line the inside of the parallel gums just on the lip to the inside cover. Identified through the use of the golden section proportion of porcelain teeth, not only can increase the balance of the smiling mouth, making the smile more natural, more full of vitality and soul, but also so that the restored teeth to become comfortable, easy to use.

The oral experts to pick their own porcelain teeth, you must know the type of porcelain teeth and the difference between porcelain teeth are generally divided into two major categories of metal porcelain teeth and porcelain teeth. Divided into non-precious metals and precious metals to the metal porcelain teeth, all-ceramic dental cast porcelain teeth and computer porcelain teeth, they use different materials, the process is different, the effect will be different. Therefore, the choice of materials should be targeted for porcelain teeth.

Although the low prices of non-precious metal porcelain teeth, but poor compatibility with the organization's irritating larger allergic phenomena can occur and discoloration, and therefore do not recommend customers to use this material porcelain teeth. Semi-precious ceramic teeth on behalf of a titanium alloy, the main ingredient is titanium or palladium - the price of silver, titanium porcelain teeth ranged from non-precious metals and precious metals, and its biocompatibility is better than non-precious metals, but also more durable phenomenon to avoid bleeding gums and Tooth root canal treatment what are the benefits black gums. And economical, practical and suitable for the repair of most teeth.

Representative of the precious metal ceramic dental gold alloy porcelain teeth. Gold in China has long been used as a filling material, it is one of the best repair materials, titanium alloys have the advantages of higher strength, without stimulation, and the combination of gold and porcelain is very solid, and organizations better compatibility, not blue in the place of contact with the porcelain teeth and gums. In addition, the ceramic powder in response to their own color on the surface of gold, porcelain teeth more beautiful, fully able to meet the requirements of cosmetic restoration.

Periodontal disease and caries are very common and the incidence of oral diseases and high. Both oral disease if not treated in time will bring a more serious impact, may also become a source of other oral diseases.

Experts, porcelain dental restoration can maximize the retention of loose teeth caused by periodontal disease. First change the length of the crown, make it shorter, more coordinated so that the proportion of the crown and gums, chewing food to maintain the stability of the force center of gravity, thereby protecting the stability of the teeth, relatively prolonged the life of the teeth. Typically, the treatment of dental caries is to use the composite material of resin and other fillings, and some customers and improve oral health can be treated through treatment, but in some cases after treatment, every six months will add three more than dental caries, for these caries high-risk groups, in order to effectively prevent the rapid tooth decay caused by How effective the prevention of acute pulpitis bacteria, the porcelain teeth to repair it. Durable heat treatment of porcelain teeth and the bacteria can not survive on its surface, like solid "gown to wear for the teeth, the caries harm" no hole into the ".

Oral experts, porcelain teeth the effect is good or bad depends not only on the choice of ceramic materials, and also depends on the operation of professional doctors, and neither is dispensable. Porcelain teeth to repair the teeth of a friend, want to "cosmetic surgery" can make unsightly teeth to achieve the aesthetic effect. Oral professional medical cosmetic restoration before the need for careful personalized design, selecting appropriate materials, but also need a precise clinical professional medical preparation, appropriate teeth in the right place, the only way to porcelain teeth The beauty of teeth to maximize results and to maximize the show perfect results after the porcelain restoration.

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Choose porcelain dental materials should be targeted

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This article was published on 2012/03/13