Common Myths On Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental problem is something that is present in every household now-a-days and every second person one comes across, is seen to hold his/her cheek or jaw either howling in pain or sitting with tightened up lips so as to hide teeth that either are blackened or some with bleeding gums. While brushing teeth right in the morning, it is a very common sight, when we see one gazing right into the mirror looking directly at the shiny yet not-so-perfect thirty-two. A shadow is suddenly seen to loom over the bright faces at the first hours of the day.

Medical Science, yet, has surprises in store for you! You will find the solutions to the problems you are facing. There are many ways in which one can bring back that stylish smile right back to where it was and this time, without any hesitance! This time, instead of throwing out a stealing glance of your smile, you can with assurance, set out the thirty-two that goes unnoticed! Cosmetic Dentistry is that one solution just at hand. Tooth-whitening, Bonding, Enamel shaping and veneering are the few ways one can get rid of problems related to teeth.

Tooth-whitening enhances the brightness and whiteness of teeth through a method of bleaching and this is required only when the tooth colour is affected by excessive smoking, aging, staining of teeth due to consumption of beverages like tea, coffee or any dark coloured liquid or even due to avoiding taking care of one's teeth by irregular brushing. Whitening, therefore, is not a one-time procedure but needs to be done on a certain time gap so that the effect stays. Not taking good care of teeth after bleaching, will lose its effect and will return to as it was originally or even worse! Enameling is also one and the same thing which requires the same process as tooth-whitening.

Tooth bonding is the method by which either naturally disproportionate teeth of the natural setting or the ones that have accidently got chipped is taken care of by applying a plastic coating over the affected area. This bonding done, will last varying from seven to eleven years. Porcelain Veneers are the most common and best way to get crystal white teeth and the former that helps get a makeover done to your smile! This procedure gives a translucent look and this again helps in filling for broken heads of teeth. Veneers last not more than two years and needs more attention than the other methods that are to be applied. Regular consultation with the orthodontist is mandatory.

Jacket Crown is another way of fixing tooth problem. Not only does it strengthen the affected area but also with the dentist's help, artificial colouring is done to match the original colour of the teeth. This is done more often when sudden abruptness has erupted.
Hence, we see that Cosmetic Dentistry is one of a kind, providing ready assistance without major harassments, just to put back the smile you always desired for!
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Common Myths On Cosmetic Dentistry

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This article was published on 2010/12/15