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1, the doctor please. You should take him about 2 years old children go to the dentist, where the check teeth, consult a dentist or hospital, as carefully as the dentist to find the existence of the baby tooth decay, and regular checks, while other family members also need to learn how to found that tooth decay.

2, with a soft, clean toothbrush stand hair teeth Dental Equipment and gums. Once the baby teeth are damaged, you can use a special soft baby toothbrush to help clean the teeth, it is best to use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. Each child's toothbrush should be kept separate and wrapped toothbrush head. Be sure to change every three months, a toothbrush, once the sick need to be replaced.

3, before going to sleep is very important to clean the mouth. If the child before going to sleep after eating candy or sweets do not rinse, the food residue in the oral form will still have the acidic environment conducive to bacterial growth, thereby increasing the chances of suffering from tooth decay.

4, to encourage the baby to drink water between meals and snack time, milk or fruit juice to avoid the break to let your child drink the cup, but also to avoid the child mouth is always full of food.

5, the teeth to create a safe environment. Correct choice and installation of car seat. For children's toys, furniture and so should choose a round or soft corner. If damage occurs if the child broke the teeth, mouth wash with warm water, cold gauze spreads in the teeth with a broken place, collecting fragments of broken teeth, call the doctor.

6, practice brushing. 2-year-old child to start learning from brushing, cleaning teeth at least twice a day, parents can give children to do their own demonstration. First diagonal gum toothbrush head, so that the bristles attached to the gums, a little hard to make the bristles along the teeth of the rotation down. Brush Children's toothpaste damage the child taste on the teeth to rotate the brush from top to bottom; brush teeth when rotating the brush from the bottom up; brush teeth on the inside by pulling down; brush the inside of teeth, pulling from the bottom up. Brushing time should be 2 to 3 minutes, so as to achieve more complete results. At least twice a day morning and evening, after dinner can be conducted.

7, to give children the benefit dental health food. Such as vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, try to limit sweets, cookies, candy, potato chips and puffed food, avoid using food as a child of the above awards.

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Dental Care Program

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This article was published on 2011/08/02