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Teeth as a "facade" is naturally a very important part of the project. World Health Organization on oral health very seriously, and to "clean teeth, no cavities, no pain, color of gums normal, no bleeding," the development of oral health standards. Oral health problems of our government is very concerned about the September 20 each year as a national Love Teeth Day. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, awareness of the importance of dental care growing, "scaling" is more and more accepted. According to the People's Liberation Army Medical Science and Technology Committee Committee of Oral Medicine, member of People's Liberation Army 304 Hospital, deputy director Zhang Jianqiang, director of dental physician, prior to Dental Artcles most dental patients are got to the hospital after little thought about scaling.

Although people's awareness of oral health has improved, but some people do not understand the purpose of scaling, coupled with some empirical factors, there have been some erroneous understanding. Scaling will lead to teeth increases, the Ministry of allergy causing teeth, tooth damage. People who hold such views, the first purpose of understanding the principles and scaling is not clear. Currently, hospitals and dental clinics for regular use of the scaling is not the role of wear debris, the surface of the tooth attachment wore off, but through ultrasonic high-frequency oscillations, the surface of the teeth to remove stones and calcification of the dirt, avoid further stimulate the gums, bleeding, fear of acid, fear of sweet, heat intolerance, cold and other symptoms, leading to gingival inflammation. In theory, this is not cleaning the teeth wear and damage, we do not have to worry too much. Second, after scaling allergies, teeth increases, feeling uncomfortable because there is no scaling over the years we have been accustomed to, attached to the dental calculus on teeth for too long, hard and high, once removed, but not too fit. Coupled with long-term non-scaling, leading to gum recession, root exposure, usually with stones to protect, wash after a certain allergy symptoms. Although the stones on the gums, teeth can play a protective role, but this protection is unhealthy, will greatly enhance the incidence of oral disease. The teeth is already there, just a long time without cleaning, so that stones to block the scaling expensive Scaling there is no harm to the teeth and a waste of time, and also sad, is not necessary. In general, every six months or a year you can wash your teeth, for smokers, it is best to wash around three months time.

Regular scaling, not only clean the teeth, and doctors at the same time scaling for the scaling by a dental examination, but also to facilitate the timely detection of problems and timely treatment. The first scaling, because the more tartar, there may be some discomfort, if persevered, and can well keep your mouth clean, much better next time. The same as we always do the laundry, wash the teeth also need from time to time. Finally, Zhang remind you, be sure to place the regular cleanings cleaning their teeth in these places, generally by scaling to the stones, sand blasting, to pigments, polishing four procedures, and those who are not regular clinics, Although the fee is very low, but generally only a first step, others are omitted, they can not achieve the real purpose of cleaning teeth.

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Dental care tooth cleaning blind scaling

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This article was published on 2011/08/09