Dental Contouring and Tooth Reshaping

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Dental contouring and tooth reshaping are some of the few treatments in cosmetic dentistry that can deliver instant results. These are procedures that dentists use to repair crooked teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth and overlapping teeth. The reason why it is considered instant is because the procedure can be corrected in one session with a dentist.

Candidates for dental contouring are chosen based on their need. Kids with crooked teeth aren't supposed to be alarmed because they have the chance to have better permanent teeth. This makes contouring and reshaping unnecessary. People who got into an accident and chipped their permanent teeth need this procedure to have their teeth corrected.

Dental contouring and tooth reshaping can be a substitute for braces. Sometimes, people have braces installed to correct very minor things on their teeth. If a single tooth is overlapping only by a few millimeters, shaping the teeth to look more natural is an easier fix than having to don braces. It is more affordable and gives out faster results.

The beginning of the procedure is the giving of information by the cosmetic dentist Chicago clinics normally give computer representation on what the final look will be. This is to ensure the success and output of the procedure. After, an x-ray is taken so that the pulp and the exact shape of the bone and tooth can be seen. It is also important that a dentist sees that there is enough bone that will support the teeth after the reshaping.

Using a sanding drill, the enamel is removed part by part by the cosmetic dentist Chicago professionals carefully sculpt the teeth in order to get the desired shape. Some dentists also use lasers to carefully mold and shape the teeth. Abrasive strips are then scraped at the sides of the tooth to get the desired shape on the edges. After this, the tooth is polished and smoothed.

There are many other procedures to be done by a cosmetic dentist Chicago residents can trust. Regardless of the method, the aim of this is to correct the aesthetic appeal of one's teeth. This can also help a person bite food better, chew better and improve his overall health.

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Dental Contouring and Tooth Reshaping

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This article was published on 2011/09/16