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Most people consider bruxism or teeth grinding as a minor dental issue. Since the symptoms and effects of this disorder do not exhibit immediately, many affected individuals tend to ignore it, thinking that they are not suffering from any medical concerns at all. Thus, they are actually exposing themselves to the countless consequences of habitual teeth gnashing.

The word “bruxism” originated from the Greek term “brychein” which means “to grind.” It is associated with the forceful lateral or protrusive jaw movements that results in the gnashing of opposing upper and lower molars. When done in excess, this oral parafunctional activity can damage the surfaces of the teeth, and may lead to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. The TMJ syndrome is characterized by a deficiency in the jaw point that can cause head, neck, ear, and facial pains.

Bruxism can also result to chipped dentures. Because of the constant rubbing, teeth will wear down faster than they should. Fragmented dentals can be remedied easily; however, if the grinding habit continues, then the same effect can definitely recur.

According to experts, this deficient oral gesture can also cause gum recession. When this happens, the teeth become misaligned, and will require costly dental surgery to fix. Thus, persons with identified or detected bruxism must immediately seek professional help from certified dentists in Myrtle Beach SC.

Bruxism usually occurs during sleep. Hence, it is difficult for affected individuals to control or even to identify this disorder without the help of other people who hear or witness them grinding their molars during bedtime. Thankfully, there are restraining materials called night guards that can prevent teeth gnashing during sleep. Nevertheless, choosing the most appropriate night guard product or brand must not be done in haste; the prescription of specialists like dentists in Myrtle Beach SC must always be sought.

A bite guard is a removable, custom-fit plastic appliance placed between the upper and lower teeth to prevent them from rubbing against each other. Since it is worn in snooze, the right size and fit are important in avoiding disrupted sleeps and difficulty in breathing. There are some over-the-counter night guard products like mouthpiece that can be purchased and used easily. However, it is still best to ask dentists in Myrtle Beach SC for a customized night guard that can effectively control bruxism in a comfortable way.

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Guarding Teeth Grinding

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Guarding Teeth Grinding

This article was published on 2011/10/13