How People In Las Vegas Deal With Tooth Discoloration

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In Las Vegas, tooth discoloration is a common problem for many people. As a person grows older, the outermost layer of the teeth gradually thins out, while the inner part of the teeth turns yellowish. Since the enamel is translucent, the yellowish dentin eventually shows through, giving the teeth a darker, yellowish color.

However, people can get discolored teeth due to many different factors. For example, the consumption of dark-colored foods and beverages such as chocolate and coffee can cause teeth stains that can be tough to get rid of. Aside from that, acidic foods and drinks such as sour fruits and soda can cause the enamel to erode faster than usual, exposing the dentin.

Smoking is one of the most common causes of tooth discoloration, depositing a brownish substance called nicotine on the surface of the teeth. Furthermore, prescribed medications and chemicals can also cause the teeth to darken or turn yellowish. Ironically, excessive amounts of enamel can also cause teeth discoloration, creating mottled brown or yellow spots on the teeths surface.

Fortunately, Las Vegas residents with discolored teeth can always go to a nearby cosmetic dentistry clinic to seek professional help. The experts in cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas clinics offer can perform a whitening procedure that involves applying a concentrated peroxide solution directly on the teeths surface for up to 20 minutes. This method requires multiple visits to the dental clinic, but it often gets the job done.

However, people who think multiple visits to the dental clinic are too heavy on the pockets can go take-home teeth bleaching kits. These kits work similarly with professional bleaching kits, except that the former uses a safer concentration of whitening gel. Teeth whitening using home bleaching kits is a lot more affordable than professional treatment from a clinic of cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas offers, but the results of this DIY method generally take weeks to become evident.

Las Vegas residents with enough cash to spare can visit an expert in cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas is home to and ask for a laser whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening is fast and effective; a single session rarely lasts over an hour, and patients see the results as soon as the procedure is finished.
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How People In Las Vegas Deal With Tooth Discoloration

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This article was published on 2011/04/19