Invisalign Can Straighten Your Teeth For A Second Time

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Time and time again, patients come to dentists, asking if they can straighten their teeth for a second time. Patients have usually used normal fixed and then clear braces during their teenage years, but have found these uncomfortable as well as unsightly. A better option than going through the long and lengthy process for a second time may be to use Invisalign aligners.

Aligners will usually work very well on someone who has already being under teeth straightening treatment. The major corrective work has already been completed, and all that has happened since then, due to natural teeth movement or not wearing your removable braces regularly enough, is that the teeth have moved slightly. Invisalign is perfect for dealing with this problem, as it tackles small defects very well.

Invisalign is an invisible aligner, thus it can be removed and not seen. Unlike normal teeth straightening treatment, Invisalign does not have the same effects or consequences upon the teeth. Due to the fact it can be removed, cleaning your teeth is as normal, avoiding the deterioration of your roots and gums which braces can cause. If you choose to have braces for a second time, you may amplify the deterioration of your gums and roots in your mouth. On the other hand, if you use Invisalign for you second treatment you will negotiate around these problems, leaving you with a healthier mouth overall.

Secondly, Invisalign cannot be seen from far off, making it ideal for the image conscious. As a teenager it was embarrassing enough wearing braces, so carefully think how you may feel as an adult wearing a fixed brace - you may feel just as image conscious as then or more so.

Thirdly, fixed braces can be very uncomfortable indeed. You must remember how uncomfortable it was to have braces? Metal pieces rubbing and prodding your jaw and gums made your mouth sore. Invisalign on th other hand does not cause as much discomfort as there are no metal pieces to the brace. Invisalign also puts a small amount of pressure onto your teeth at regular intervals (changed every 2 weeks), meaning discomfort is minimal in comparison with braces, which are altered to put a significant amount of pressure upon the teeth every 6 weeks. Thus, although Invisalign puts on just as much pressure overall, it is a gentler process that is kinder upon the patient.

Invisalign can benefit a patient who already has had teeth straightening treatment, as it overcomes the visual and health problems that braces incur, leaving you with a healthier mouth.

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Invisalign Can Straighten Your Teeth For A Second Time

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This article was published on 2010/12/13