Mending A Damaged Smile

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It is evident when a smile is full of cracked, missing, or broken teeth that it has been damaged or is unhealthy. Altering these issues and fixing them completely can transform your look and help you to feel better about yourself.

The best way to avoid these problems, however, is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. People that take care of their teeth and practice good oral hygiene are less likely to experience damage, because their mouths will be strong.

Flossing and brushing on schedule is extremely important; the first should be performed at least once a day, whereas the ladder should be twice a day or after every meal. Preventing plaque buildup and keeping them at their most hygiene will prevent them from needing fixes.

Fluoride rinse or mouthwash is another aspect of oral hygiene that is extremely necessary. It bonds to the enamel of your teeth and protects them from bacteria and decay.

It also gets rid of these germs and increases the overall wellness of your mouth. The stronger your enamel is, the more protection you will have against cavities, gum disease, and bacteria.

Those that play contact sports or are very active must also protect their oral health in another way. Mouth guards are essential to anyone that is at risk for receiving trauma to the mouth, because they will help protect teeth against breaking, chipping, and damage.

They are made of shapeable plastic that sit in the mouth like a substantial retainer and cover the most important areas. However, they are still comfortable and provide cushioning and protection.

Those that have already experienced visual cracks or breaking do not have to be alarmed; there are ways that these things can be fixed. The easiest and least expensive of these methods is tooth bonding.

Tooth bonding is the method in which dentists apply a natural, tooth-colored covering to the area that is in need of aesthetic help. The covering is very sturdy and holds well against the chewing and wear that you would regularly experience; it will naturally camouflage the area you are worried about and protect it from any further trauma or damage.

It is a good preventative measure for those that have only experienced a small amount of cracking or chipping and do not want the issue to get worse. The procedure is painless, easy, and inexpensive, but it will really have a drastic effect on the look of your grin.

Another method or measure that protects against any further catastrophes is the dental crown. They are also helpful at relieving toothaches and pain incurred from the damage.

One of the best options for those that have experienced an extensive about of yellowing, decay, or destruction are porcelain veneers. They are tooth-colored shells that are made of durable porcelain that are bonded over the teeth.

These conceal and fix misalignment, chips, cracks, and stains that may have occurred, and are a great way to protect you from experiencing any further problems. They blend in naturally with the look of your teeth, are completely stain resistant, and will guard and last for a very long time.

Porcelain veneers are definitely a more expensive option than some of the others mentioned. However, they are usually the most effective for those that have a great deal of noticeable decay or discoloration and want to have a beautiful smile once more.

Dental implants are the best option for patients that have teeth that are missing entirely. These implants are strong and sturdy.

These are inserted into the jawbone and gums, and mimic natural roots. They are surgically attached to gum tissue, so they are anchored well and will not be altered by chewing or wear.

They are essential a false implant; however, they are meant to look natural and undistinguishable. It is necessary to visit a dental surgeon if you are interested in this type of procedure, because it is quite a bit more extensive than some of the other methods mentioned.

However, it is painless through anesthesia and pain medication during the healing period. Those that utilize dental implants to fix imperfections will rarely even notice the difference.

If there are areas in your smile that could use a little help from a surgeon or dentist, pay a visit and have a consultation regarding how they can help. This way, you can have a perfect smile and all the confidence that you have ever dreamed of!
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Mending A Damaged Smile

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This article was published on 2010/10/21