Reasons Why You Teeth Grind

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The unconscious or conscious grinding, gnashing or clenching of teeth during sleep or even daytime is referred to as bruxism or teeth grinding. Teeth grinding, no matter how surprisingly common it is, can be such an embarrassing unconscious activity during sleep especially when you are sharing a room or bed with friends and colleagues. Many view this as an annoying sound that causes sleep and rest deprivation. Having enough rest and sleep is one of the physiologic needs that our body definitely needs to be fulfilled with.

When we wake up feeling renewed and rested, we will be able to perform the different activities that loom ahead of us. Without enough rest and sleep, our body will surely speak the state that we are in through our moods, our stamina and endurance. Rest and sleep together with food are essential for our normal physical and mental functioning. However, with the constant teeth grinding of your roommate at night, you are deprived of one of the most basic indulgence in life.

The person who grinds his or her teeth is equally annoyed because grinding the teeth does not only affect the teeth but also the surrounding structures like the jaw muscles, the gums, the head and eyes. So what are the reasons why people grind teeth? Stress, improper alignment of teeth, frustration, some diseases and its complications and even due to aggressive behavior are some of the most common causes. Stressful situations such as suppressed anger is unconsciously manifested and vented out during sleep through the grinding of teeth. Involuntary grinding of teeth occurs when improperly aligned teeth come in contact with each other causing discomfort. Unbearable diseases like Parkinson’s disease causes movement disorders such as involuntary muscular rigidity and tremors producing muscular twitching such as teeth grinding.

No matter what the causes are, it is best that medical and dental consultation is sought. Diagnosis and treatment is hard when a person refuses to acknowledge the existence of the disorder so it is first and foremost that realization and acceptance happens before any treatment is started. Various medical, conservative and traditional remedies for teeth grinding have proved to be effective and are available in the market.

If teeth grinding is triggered by stress, psychological counseling, psychotherapy, biofeedback mechanism and the likes are applicable while dental remedies are available if the problem is caused by malocclusion. While treatment is going on, especially designed apparatus or gadgets such as dental mouth guard and biofeedback bands are effective to curtail the constant teeth grinding at night.
However and whatever the remedies are, teeth grinding in sleep , no matter how mild it is that it does not need any special medical treatment , should never be taken for granted. Thus, it is best to seek professional help regarding cure for bruxism before prognosis becomes poor.

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Reasons Why You Teeth Grind

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This article was published on 2010/10/22