Straighten Teeth Without Traditional Braces – The Invisalign Way

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If you have been crooked ever since your milk teeth dropped out, now is the time to Invisalign – clear braces that can straighten your smile

Every Which Way Teeth

There was a time, when we were all hunter gatherers, when we needed powerful jaws, sharp incisors and great grinding molars to saw our way through tough meat cooked on an open fire. However, over the last few thousand years, our jaws have got smaller as eating has got easier, leaving not enough room on our jawbones for all our teeth. Once the wisdom teeth make themselves known at the back, the result is that the front teeth get pushed together making them crooked. Often, front teeth are crooked without the added pressure of wisdom teeth, which then only compound the problem when people hit their early twenties.

The ideal time for teeth straightening is when young people are in their early teens but it is never too late to reward yourself with a perfect smile. There are two principal reasons why young people enter adulthood with crooked teeth and the first is simply cost: unless the teeth are really bad and straightening can be undertaken by the National Health Service, it costs families quite a lot to straighten a teenager’s teeth, which can be prohibitive especially if there are several children within a family. The second reason why young people become adults with crooked teeth is that they are too embarrassed to wear train track style metal braces or simply found them too uncomfortable to wear. It may also have been jokes about braces made by their peers that also put them off, whereas, if they had been able to wear invisible braces they could have enjoyed seeing their teeth gradually come into line.

Slowly But Surely

Metal orthodontics braces straighten teeth quite quickly and then retainers help to keep them straightened until the jawbone has reset the root in its new position. Teenagers and adults of all ages that dream of a straight, sparkling smile often feel ridiculous wearing “Ugly Betty” style braces that are more usually seen on teenagers. Fortunately, there is a solution and that is the development of clear braces called Invisalign; the approach is quite different to traditional train tracks in that an ultra clear and ultra lightweight plastic aligner slips over the bottom or top row of front teeth and through constant pressure gradually realigns them. Once the teeth have moved as far as they will go, a fresh, clear brace is slotted over the teeth and the process continues until the teeth have been straightened. A retainer is then used, usually at night, to ensure that the teeth do not revert to their old crooked ways. Once they are firmly set in their new position, the retainer can be used less and less often.

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Clear And Present Invisible Brace

It is never too late to make a difference to your smile. We all have a duty to ourselves and to others to offer our best smile at all times. A good looking set of natural-looking, straight teeth can do wonders for your confidence, your job prospects and for your personal life. 

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Straighten Teeth Without Traditional Braces – The Invisalign Way

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Straighten Teeth Without Traditional Braces – The Invisalign Way

This article was published on 2012/03/01