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Teeth Grinding Background

Angular Cheilitis is a bacteria instigated fungal infection. Ontologically, its causes are not fully known and it does not retain a formal etiological classification in the medical canon. It is normally confined to areas around and on the lips, forming crevices, cuts and crusts. Cold sores and chapped lips tend to be included as forms of cheilitis.

Angular Cheilitis Symptoms

Teeth grinding sufferers experience symptoms of fatigue, sometimes exhaustion and often run a high temperature. The visible signs are obvious. Symptoms often worsen in cold weather, particularly if the patient is not warm enough in bed.

Causes For Grinding One's Teeth

Angular Cheilitis causes are still to receive the most stringent scientific study. Observations to discover the primary causes of bruxism are still ongoing. It is quite possible that the true reasons for grinding will never be known. However, what has been observed is that cheilitis is much more prevalent in patients experiencing low levels of Riboflavin and Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B1 and vitamin B12) as well as iron.

Natural Cures

That means the holistic approach of natural cures is ideal for the treatment of bruxism. The right combination of herbs will quickly raise the levels of the vitamins and iron needed to fight the bad bacteria causing those painful cracks, cuts and chapped lips. At the same time they will increase the body's resistance to other infections and diseases.

Herbal Cures

A herbal remedy guide should be followed to the letter to treat teeth grinding. The remedies nowadays draw on herbs from across the globe and are mixed in a much more scientific may than even five or six years ago. There are no side effects and success rates for clearing cheilitis approach 100%.

Diet Tips

Due to their high iron content try and eat more form this list: egg yolk, whole wheat flower, spinach, watercress, raisins, oatmeal, potatoes, dried peas, cabbage, apples and milk.

Research on Reasons

Colin Standish is a Senior Research Fellow at the Denver School of Herbal Templates. In the Grahame Report 2009 (XXIV, 32) he says: The etiology of AC [sic] is likely to remain unestablished, at least in my lifetime. The primary factors for the development of AC are elusive and still impossible to pin down. In spite of our lack of understanding it is encouraging to observe how effective natural treatments are in eliminating the symptoms.

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Teeth Grinding Help

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This article was published on 2010/04/02