Teeth Grinding Treatments That Work.

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Lots of people don't know just how much teeth grinding can hurt their mouths. Once you get into this habit, it can go on for years, and eventually your teeth can become damaged, loose and even fall out. There are lots of teeth grinding treatments that can help you quit it and we will talk about some of those in this article.

There are some specific vitamin supplements that you can use to help your teeth stop their grinding. Magnesium, B5 and Calcium have been proven to calm down the central nervous system and reduce stress levels and that, in turn, can prevent teeth grinding. You can also prevent teeth grinding by eating a nutritious diet and avoid stimulating foods. If you aren't getting enough calcium in your diet you can try consuming healthy dairy products. If you can eat non-sweetened yogurt this can really help (the sugar in sweetened yogurt is bad for the health of your teeth and increases teeth grinding). If your teeth grinding is particularly stubborn, you might need something more than supplements and a nutrition-rich diet to cure it, but these things can certainly help at least a little.

While there are a lot of teeth grinding treatments out there, one treatment that is very easy is to stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol and to take in less sugar and caffeine. These are all considered stimulants and they make you grind your teeth because they change how your nervous system works.

It is vital that you stay away from these things in the later parts of the day and before bed because they can make you grind your teeth while you are asleep. Of course, it's hard to cut back on these substances because they can be quite addictive. However, if you know that they make you grind your teeth, this should give you a very good reason to stop these harmful habits.

Chewing habits can also be contributing to your teeth grinding issues. Not everyone who has these habits grinds their teeth, but if you have a tendency to do this, chewing non-food items can make it worse. Chewing gum is the biggest problem as it gets your jaw accustomed to clenching and biting. The jaw will continue to act as though it is chewing gum even when you are not. It can, therefore, be helpful to stop chewing on anything that's not food, and this can help you overcome teeth grinding.

To sum up, finding a teeth grinding treatment that works for you can be quite a challenge. The real tick is to truly commit to curing your habit even if it takes lots of time to do it. Whenever you catch yourself doing it, don't worry but just take a deep breath and stop. Over time, if you pay very close attention to yourself and use some of the techniques in this article, you should be able to stop grinding your teeth.
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Teeth Grinding Treatments That Work.

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This article was published on 2011/04/09