Tooth Extraction-taking Away The Pain

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There are many reasons why dentists recommend tooth extraction. If repair can no longer help your damaged tooth, then extraction is the only option available. In worst cases, a damaged tooth that have large cavities or are extensively decaying can cause severe pain. In this condition, extraction might be considered as the only reasonable solution.

There are teeth that require root canal treatment in order to make a repair. However, there are teeth that are not suitable for root canal treatment; hence dentists prefer to extract them. Another reason for tooth extraction is when the supporting bone of your teeth has been damaged by periodontal disease. In this case, the teeth become excessively loose, so extraction may be required.

Some dentists may advise their patients to extract their nonperforming teeth (impacted teeth that are positioned in the jaw bone), which they believe will be in the best interest of the patient with regards to maintaining good oral health. Tooth extraction is also required in special cases of orthodontic treatment.

Extraction of the damaged teeth may offer relief, but it can also cause other dental problems. Dentists in Columbia (SC) encourage their patients to replace any teeth that have been extracted. Because when the tooth is removed there is always a tendency that the rest of the adjacent teeth will shift and cause teeth to be misaligned.

Although tooth extraction is the most traumatic dental experience, you can find dentist in Columbia (SC) who can perform sedative dentistry procedures. Though it is not usually recommended, but if you are afraid of the procedure, you can always request to be sedated.

Dental treatment through sedation is not actually necessary if patients do not feel anxious about tooth extraction according to dentists. West Columbia cosmetic dentistry however, is applying the process of sedation to patients because it makes the patients more relaxed and comfortable. Many customers in cosmetic dentistry prefer to be sedated while undergoing the procedure because it makes the whole treatment process appear quick and easy, aside from being stress-free. That is why sedation dentistry is gaining popularity, not just in the US, but around the world.
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Tooth Extraction-taking Away The Pain

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This article was published on 2010/11/12