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Having a crooked smile does not give anyone the best possible feeling about smiling, nor is it very attractive. There are many ways to prevent or correct crooked teeth, and with every passing year, these techniques are getting more affordable and more effective. Good dental clinics discuss with the clients the various ways of straightening teeth, their pros and cons, and the length of time it will take for these methods to work for the final result. When it comes to straightening teeth, patience may be required in many methods to keep the straightening as painless as possible and to provide lasting results.
The most common way to straighten all the teeth in the mouth is braces. Braces were used to be considered ugly and unwieldy, looking like a set of miniature train tracks in the mouth. As times evolved, so did braces, becoming more attractive, affordable, and even fun. This is a solution that can often take quite a while, and the results can be stunning. Regular dental visits for cleaning, x-rays, and adjustments are required for clients who use braces. Braces now come in many colors, and are much smaller than their predecessors, as well as made from various materials, even clear materials!
Use of retainers is another option for tooth straightening. Retainers slip over the teeth to gently guide them back into place and usually consist of a plate that fits against the upper palate to help keep them in place without pressure. Generally unnoticeable, retainers can be removed for meals and other activities, and are usually only worn for a few hours a day. This method is slow, but effective.
There is a special type of retainer that is completely clear and goes over the teeth like a sleeve. This type of retainers is virtually invisible, easily removable, and easy to clean. Since it is clear, people will not often notice it without close inspection; another slow method, it is normally just as effective as normal retainers, but without wires and a plate to hold it in place.
There are some surgical options that are very fast and can be made painless during the process . This requires definite oral surgery to place the teeth in the correct position for a straight smile. The after- effects are a bit of soreness while the mouth heals, but with regular dental care, this method is not only effective, but lasting as well.
For teeth that have not grown in crookedly, but have a crooked look to them, various procedures are adopted to get them to look straight. Slight shaping can be done to the teeth, veneers, or even porcelain caps can help when placed on irregularly shaped teeth.
Not every method of straightening teeth is painless, but the slower options usually involve little pain and can produce the desired results over time. All methods of straightening teeth have evolved over the years and have gotten better than before. Having straight, beautiful teeth instills confidence for many smiles for many years.

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Tooth Straightening Solutions

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This article was published on 2010/10/01