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When we want to whiten our teeth we are looking for a tooth whitening solution that is effective and always works and that offers really good value for money so let us find out more.

I know sometimes time and money are used a lot for excuses but what never ceases to amaze me is why people neglect their teeth so much that it compromises their dental health and effects their colour of the teeth. Here we are just looking at the options and solutions available to re-whiten the teeth back to their formal glory!

Over the years the teeth absorb staining and this is why the outer shell or enamel gets stained. The inner shell or dentin can also change color but there is generally more underlying issues like being on heavy medication like steroids for some time can change the colour of the dentin but more often than not I is lifestyle that creates the change to the teeth.

By this I mean anything that is placed in to the mouth with colorants in them. This ranges from fruit juices, tomato sauces, curry sauces, soya sauces to drinks like red wine, cola, blackcurrant, tea, coffee and even herbal tea!

The Tooth Whitening Solutions Include Many Things But We Can Make a List


The slightly gritty toothpastes are useful for the external staining but can be quite abrasive and not best to use all the time as it will wear the enamel. These are made by many companies on the market but will cost more than standard toothpastes but worth the investment.


Tooth whitening mouthwash is fairly new and used often again can help with lighter or surface type stains on the tooth. This are too new to really comment but conceptually are another useful tool to have in he bathroom cabinet.

Home Kits

These are quite effective but need constant usage. They come typically as mouth guards and tube of whitening gel which when placed on the teeth gently remove the staining but do not expect miracles in one usage. Over a four to six week period the teeth will start to change colour.

Bleaching Trays

These are supplied through the dentists and they take a mould of the teeth and specially fitting trays are built in a rubber material. These kits are using higher strength gel and hence the requirement for the tight fitting otherwise they will hurt the gums and the soft tissues. Typical usage time is ten to fourteen days and sometimes are required to be worn whilst you sleep.

Power Whitening

Basically uses a light and similar high strength gel as the bleaching trays but takes only one hour to whiten the teeth. The heat from the light allows the pores of the teeth to open and remove the staining and this means the results are visible at the end of the treatment time.


The options available are plenty, but really does depend on your expectations and the amount of personal effort and dedication to whiten the teeth. Always seek advice from your dentist.
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Tooth Whitening Solution

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This article was published on 2011/07/26