What Wisdom Teeth Are And Why Wisdom Teeth Extraction May Be Necessary

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Not everyone has wisdom teeth come in. When these teeth are present, they usually become apparent between the ages of 17 and 24. A person can have up to four wisdom teeth, with one in each corner of the mouth. In most people, wisdom teeth do not cause any severe problems that result in having to have wisdom teeth extraction. However, your teeth can sometimes become impacted. This occurs when there is less room available for your teeth to grow. Swelling and pain are the most common symptoms associated with an impacted tooth. Your gums may be very swollen, and you might experience a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath. Sometimes, the impacted tooth may be severe enough to cause damage to neighboring teeth.

Who Should Seriously Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth removal should be seriously considered when recommended by a dentist. If your symptoms are rather severe, this will usually require the tooth or teeth that are causing the problem to be removed. Antibiotics will be prescribed initially to help relieve some of the more bothersome symptoms. In some less-severe cases, your dentist may be able to cut back on part of the gum. This can allow the tooth extra expansion room and relieve some of the worst symptoms. There are several circumstances that can lead to wisdom teeth removal being necessary. Infected or swollen, painful gums will usually require removal of the afflicted teeth. Severe tooth decay, a cyst or a tumour also necessitates removing the impacted tooth.

How Wisdom Teeth Extraction Works

Wisdom teeth extraction will be performed in the dentist's office, or possibly a hospital. Local anesthesia is normally used. During this type of anesthesia, the tooth and the surrounding area are completely numbed. When general anesthesia is used, you will be asleep for the duration of the procedure. A small incision is made in the gum directly over the area of the impacted tooth. Some of the bone in the jaw may be removed to allow the dentist to remove the tooth more easily. After any obstacles to the tooth are removed, the dentist can safely take the tooth out. The incision will be stitched to allow the gum to heal more easily.

Care After Wisdom Teeth Removal

How soon you'll be able to go home depends on whether the procedure was done in a dentist's office or hospital. When the wisdom teeth removal is performed in a dentist's office, you will have some time to recover before going home. The effects of general anesthesia may last for several hours following the procedure. The patient should be driven home and kept under close supervision for 24 hours following the procedure. There is a slight risk of complications following this or any other surgical procedure. These can include negative reactions to the anesthesia, excessive bleeding or an infection. Any complications of this type should be reported to your dentist promptly.

Minor side effects often follow after a tooth has been removed. It is not uncommon to feel very fatigued after having been under anesthesia. Bleeding in the gums may last up to 12 hours after the extraction, possibly more. Your jaw area may feel somewhat stiff and painful for a few days. This is usually resolved with prescription painkillers. Your face may also be somewhat swollen.

There are some complications that do require immediate medical condition. Difficulty swallowing or breathing can be a sign of a serious reaction. A high fever can signal the presence of an infection. Severe pain that does not subside or isn't helped by pain medication may indicate a more serious problem. You should also seek medical attention for any facial swelling that lasts more than three days. Call your dentist straight away or seek care at the closest hospital.
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What Wisdom Teeth Are And Why Wisdom Teeth Extraction May Be Necessary

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This article was published on 2011/04/05