What You Can Do About Chipped Tooth

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Teeth may look strong, but the truth is they are also prone to breaking or chipping. Many people in Chicago experience having a chipped tooth because of different factors. Nevertheless, it is important that people become aware of their teeths capabilities. In spite of good oral hygiene, teeth can still deteriorate because of trauma.

Chipping or fracturing of the teeth usually occurs because of tension and pressure in the tooth. You may be pressuring your teeth by biting on hard objects. One can also have chipped tooth when ones face gets hit, such as during game play. In Chicago, children often experience teeth fracturing because their teeth are unprotected.

When faced with a chipped tooth problem, there are ways to alleviate the pain and cure the broken teeth. It is important that you act immediately by calling an emergency dentist. Chicago dental clinics do have emergency dentists with them to help people suffering from teeth fracture to recover from the incident.

You have to understand that theres no way you can cure a broken teeth at home. That is why you need the help of a professional emergency dentist. Chicago dental experts say that once the tooth gets chipped, the patient will experience severe tooth pain. The nerves are exposed to different temperatures (hot and cold drinks), thus making it difficult for the patient to eat or chew. Tooth chipping also threatens the durability of the tooth structure. You may find your teeth slowly deteriorating.

If your tooth cleanly broke, it can be restored with cement by your emergency dentist. Chicago dentists, however, offer treatments that can restore your teeth from its original appearance. This is through reconstructive dentistry. Dental bonding is usually used to treat minor teeth cracks or chips. For significant cases that dental bonding cannot repair the damage, dental veneers are recommended.

On the other hand, if you dont want to be visited by an emergency dentist, Chicago dental clinics suggest that you wear mouth guards. They are recommended for people living a very active lifestyle. Moreover, dentists suggest that you have a healthy diet by avoiding sticky and hard foods that deteriorate your tooth structure. Either way, always remember to call an emergency dentist once you experience unusual tooth pain.
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What You Can Do About Chipped Tooth

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This article was published on 2010/12/02