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Teeth become pale or yellow due to age, excess use of tobacco, cigarette, coffee and tea. There are many people who get their teeth pale get tooth bleach or teeth polish done to clear the tarter from the teeth, which creates them appear yellow and dull in the color. Dentists do the cleaning of the teeth with number of sittings. Here in this article we will provide you some effective and advantageous home remedies to deal with yellow teeth. Given below are some of the beneficial natural treatments for teeth whitening, which you can try at your home only.

Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth:

A combination of baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice is very effective on the teeth and left for few minutes and then gargle your mouth properly. Repeat this remedy regularly till you observe the change in the color of your teeth.

You can also apply the dried orange peel powder and rub it properly. This is very beneficial treatment for yellow teeth, as it is the rich source of vitamin C and calcium, which helps you to maintain the teeth strong, healthy and also gives white teeth. You can also apply the white area of the orange peels, as it gives you shine to the teeth. Prepare a mixture of lemon juice by adding salt and applied on the teeth and left for few minutes as it helps you to remove the tarter and also lighten the tint of the teeth.

Prehistoric people used to prepare an almond peels powder and utilized it with a little salt. It is very beneficial to treat yellow teeth Neem branches are also very useful and you can use it as toothbrush to clean your teeth. It is believed that chewing neem branches assists in tackling the teeth issues and treats the yellowness from the teeth.

It is also very important to lessen the consumption of soda and sugary drinks, as the contents of such drinks can cause discoloration of teeth. You can also mix the pepper essence with salt and apply on your teeth. This home remedy is also very effective in treating discoloration of teeth.

It is also very essential to visit your dentist regularly, after every six months. It helps you to avoid any type of dental issues.

It is very important to say big no to smoking and also tobacco. If quitting is not possible than reduce the frequency of smoking and other bad habits and also brush your teeth properly to avoid the dark stains on your teeth.

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Yellow Teeth Home Remedies

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Yellow Teeth Home Remedies

This article was published on 2012/03/05